Cholecystectomy 👌🏻


They finally removed my gallbladder today. They started at 2pm and I woke up at 6pm. I was prepared for discomfort, but the pain is excruciating. The meds don’t even touch it. I’m so sick, I can’t even eat jello. They gave me IV zofran, but I’m still nauseous.

For you mamas that had your gallbladder out, how long was your healing time?

What did you eat? What did they give you for pain management, and did it help?

I have five incisions and I can’t sit up by myself. I’m absolutely miserable.

Also- did anyone have a hard time peeing after surgery? I can’t ‘push’ to contract my bladder and it’s making things difficult.

How long did you wait post surgery to TTC?

Thanks ladies! xx