Early Labor!


39 weeks and went to the doctor today, 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced! Doctor said I'm in early labor (been having period like cramps and lot of hip and leg pain) He wanted to induce me Friday morning bc I have a "Favorable cervix" but he said theres a high possibility I will go into labor on my own by tomorrow if not the next few days so I decided to just wait to see if we make it to 40 weeks. He told me not to even wait for contractions, if my cramps get worse or if i feel more pressure to go to the hospital. He's really worried that I'm not going to make it to the hospital in time bc the women in my family didnt know they were in labor

Granny: Was dilated to 9 cm and still didnt know until she went to a doctors appointment and they sent her to the hospital from the doctors office. No contractions just felt like she had to pee and couldn't she said

Mom: Was in early labor and the doctor told her not to walk around (didnt listen) and she went back to the doctors Monday and found out she was dilated 4 cm and in labor (so I came 10 days early)

Aunt: Was Induced bc she is high risk so she didnt experience going into labor naturally.

So my doctor is a little worried I wont know if I'm in labor bc of that history.

Also tomorrow is my birthday so maybe I'll get the best birthday present ever?