I don’t know how to handle this please help

My boyfriend would always rather play his video game and watch tv than spend time with me. We live with each other but only have a few hours a day together because we have opposite schedules. While I’m at work he has plenty of time to have his eyes glued to the tv. I try to get conversations going but he will barely talk about anything. He acts like he doesn’t enjoy my company and would be totally content if I just moved away. Like it’s gotten to the point I just shut myself in the bedroom while he watches tv in the living room until he goes to work and he does not care. I feel more lonely in this relationship than if I were single. But I don’t want to be single, I want him, like the first time we moved in together. He says he loves me wants to be with me forever yatta yatta but his actions don’t reflect. Help?

And I have told him how I feel and told him I wish he would make the time we do have together good, he says you’re right and change for a day and then he’s back at it. I’m feeling absolutely defeated. 😞 Thanks for the advice I appreciate it 💛