citalopram... need come off them due to pregnancy


Has anyone been on citalopram. Am back on it again about 3/4months first month taken them i had horrible side effects and it went away a month after taken it. I found out few weeks ago that am pregnant. Since then am starting to get some horrible effect like shortness of breathe. Deffo at night wakes me up. Heartbeat is very low then goes to fast. Am dizzy and very weak. I feel like am dyingI been doing some research about those medication and pregnancy and i dont like what it says at all and the risk  So i want to come off them .but how should i do it.. i cant come off them straight away. And i cant be on 40mg as am not allowed to be on higher dose cause my fits so on 10mg. I have been trying get hold of my doctor but her bookings are full. I need to start coming off them now before they can be some horrible health with the baby and i dont want to lose other  baby. But if i have 9months of healthy pregnancy . I will be coming back on this medication.  if anyone has been on this medication amd coming off them. Please tell me your experience