Should I stay or should I go?

My SO and I have been together for a year I’m 28 he’s 27. We went to the same high school but weren’t friends in high school. We live together in his house I pay him rent (more than what his former room mates paid) . We make the same amount of money . I told him on our first date I want to be married by 30 if I meet the right person.

We have been having a lot of arguments lately. I feel like he doesn’t put effort into our relationship the last date he planned was our first date. I feel like when I talk to him he’s constantly distracted on his phone or computer. I feel like I have to nag him to clean up after himself or help with chores he says I’m wrong because he cooks me dinner most nights ( I don’t get home from work until 730 or 8 he gets home at 4 and has to cook for himself anyway).

He says 2 years isn’t enough time to know if you want to get married and I feel like if you’re in love with someone you know.

I’m very ambitious I work 5 days a week and am in school , like I said we make the same amount of money but when we go out to dinner or to do things he hardly ever reaches for the bill or insists on paying .

I feel it’s a bad sign that he doesn’t offer to do nice things for me or around the house without me nagging and I feel like when you’re in love you should want to take care of the other person that’s what I do . Idk I feel lost I can move back home with my parents for awhile to save to buy a place I am just wanting to know if you ladies think my expectations are too high? He does have good qualities he makes me laugh but we don’t have a lot of commonality.

So should I stay or go?

Am I wasting my time?

Here’s a photo of us