Weird Cycle Patterns

So my husband and I have been TTC for a year. My cycles are random, they usually go in 20-24 day cycles and 40-45 day cycles and they switch back and forth...24, 45, 24, 45. I use ovulation tests and last month, two days after I began ovulating I started to bleed heavily and I was experiencing awful cramps - worse than normal. They hurt so much I could barely stand up straight. I took Tylenol and eventually the cramps subsided. The bleeding lasted exactly two days and then completely stopped. Now, I'm 50 days into my new cycle and no period yet. If the two-day bleeding I experienced last month was a miscarried chemical pregnancy (only guessing that's what it may have been), would that screw up my cycle and push the start date of my next period out farther? OR could I be pregnant? My breasts and nipples have also been mildly sore, I've been tired and I've also caught a few dizzy spells. I try to push the thought of a possible pregnancy out of my mind because I don't want to get my hopes up again but I'm now on the 50th day of my cycle and I'm not even spotting. Any thoughts?