Private ultrasound at 15 weeks

Ysenia • Mommy to Edy (5), Israel 👼🏻 (born sleeping 09/2017) and Angel ❤️

I decided to get a private ultrasound done when I was 15 weeks because I wanted to make sure my baby was ok. (I lost my baby in my previous pregnancy at 36 weeks). I’m not getting my anatomy scan until 20 weeks with my doctor, which is in two weeks.

Well, the person performing this ultrasound just told me that my baby was very calm and really didn’t move the probey thing around too much because she didn’t want to reveal the gender. ( at the time I was convinced I wanted it to be a surprise, but now I am dying to know).

Is there something more going on here or is it just my eyes acting crazy? TIA

I just had a dream last night that I gave birth to two baby girls. Obviously I am super happy whether it’s two or only one baby and blessed.