Health Anxiety

Taylor • Slay your own dragons, Princess. ❤️

Has anyone else experienced this since having your baby?

I sure have.

It all started after I found a bump in my right breast. My OB sent me in for an ultrasound and it ended up being totally fine. Directly following that, a bump appeared on the opposite sides armpit area. Now, I’ve always had a very, very small moveable spot under that armpit that I had checked out years ago. The doctor told me it was just a clogged sweat gland or lipoma. I honestly can’t remember, but it was nothing serious. Well in that same area, it for red and swollen and developed a pretty good sized bump. I am pretty sure I irritated it or accidentally got it with my razor while shaving. I had antibiotics in my drawer that I started until I saw a doctor and it made the swelling go down considerably. After a few days, it basically went back to how it always was.

Long story short, I saw three different doctors. The first one I saw when it was still swollen and she didn’t think it was anything, but said I could get a ultrasound if I wanted to. I didn’t really like or trust this doctor, so I consulted two others who both told me it was nothing. They had trouble at that point even finding what I was talking about because the swelling was basically gone and it was back to normal.

I felt much better after that which was great. However, THEN, shortly after I was told I received a “atypical pap” from my OB. HPV negative, which is great and they assume it was from my IUD and said they weren’t worried. Just retest in a few months to make sure it resolved itself.

Long story short, all of this triggered major anxiety for me. I’ve always had anxiety issues but this was on a new level. I started taking Prozac it got so bad. I was convinced I was ill even though I really had no reason to think so. I started over analyzing every single thing and it just got bad.

That’s a quick version but that’s my story. Just wondering if anyone else had anything similar?

Thank you!