A scheduled c-section and recovery

I developed preeclampsia so my doctors scheduled to take my son at 37 weeks. I found out that I was to report to the hospital the next day at 7:30 am est and that I was not to eat or drink anything after 11 pm. So my June 10 due date moved to May 22 delivery date. I reported to the hospital with my bag and husband. My first child was dropped off at daycare and my parents were driving in to pick her up. I was prepped and I walked myself into the operating room to get the spinal tap. After I was on the table, they brought my husband into the room. The doctors came in and delivered my son who was 10 lbs 9 oZ and 21 inches long. When they finished I was wheeled into the recovery room. There I got to hold my baby and start the bonding. I only spent 2 days in the hospital and I was glad to get home. As compared to my first csection (an emergency one after 24 hrs of labor) this one was a lot easier. I didn't feel like a zombie. It also helps that my son is a calm baby or maybe I'm calmer since it's my second.