My Mom wants to be 100% involved.

Sienna ❄️ • 29 years old, trying with hubby for #1. 1st & 2nd pregnancies were ectopic. FET #1 failed.
My Mom wants to be 100% involved. I am her youngest child and her only girl. We get along pretty good. However, I had an ectopic pregnancy in April. My husband and I had decided not to share the news with anyone until we knew the baby was healthy and strong. But I landed in hospital and we ended up having to tell our parents that our pregnancy was ectopic since I was going into surgery. 
After the initial shock that I was in the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy and after I had started recovery from my operation she gave me a huge lecture for not telling her in the first place. She was very upset and told me that next time I had to tell her. No matter how many times I told her that it's mine and my husband's decision what we do. She can be very stubborn. 
Now with all that said, after what happened in April, I really don't mind telling our parents as soon as we know for sure. Granted I did want it to be a big surprise (boy did that backfire :/) But What I do worry about is my mom wanting to go to every single doctors appt. lol I'm pretty sure couples usually go to the majority of the appointments alone and I'm not sure how to tell her gently since her feelings get hurt easily that she can only go to "some" appts.
She told me in April that when we get pregnant again that she wants to go hear the heartbeat. Is this normal? Will I be the only pregnant woman there that brings her mom? Lol 
I have a very loving family and very loving In-laws that all want to be involved as much as possible and I just don't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings. Any insight on how to deal? Thanks :)