The Secret vs. Religion *edit*


Just something I'm generally curious about. I've been in an incredibly rough patch in life and have turned to anything and everything to try to help me make my way thru it. I wouldn't consider myself a very religious person, but more a spiritual type person. I grew up in a Baptist family, and was introduced to Catholicism as a young adult, late teen. I've been looking into "The Secret" lately, for those who aren't familiar, I'd like to think of it as basically the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. What you dwell on is what you bring into your life. (Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) I think it's an awesome thing, and I can't see how it interferes with any religion, or belief. However I've heard a LOT of opposing opinions on the use of "the Secret". Most specifically from those of Catholic faith, and I was curious what you ladies think about it. Is it ok to practice the Secret or is it somehow inherently evil? Any references, etc would also be greatly appreciated.


Think you guys so much for all your opinions and outlooks, advice, references, etc. It's been super helpful and I really appreciate everything said! 💙