Totally a keeper.

Gina_Mum of two babies one angel bub..

Hubby told me I can stop working three months and my (psychiatrist) wants me to return to work when I’m settled. I need to look after myself honestly I’ve worked since 19 in my field and I’m 31 I haven’t seen my grandma or any of my family overseas since 2009, I miss my cousin in Vietnam and Germany my grandma turned 80 last year n our rent a month cost more than a ticket and we couldn’t afford it. I’ve never had my honeymoon cos inlaws lived with me six months, I haven’t seen any part of Australia with my husband other than our home town ( mind you when I lived with my folks we’d been to Thailand, Queensland twice, Tasmania and Sydney twice) although I’ve had small Aussie holidays Great Ocean Road and Merimbula. He said he’d rather my health was good and baby than I chase money for a car loan and govt debt and he said I’m running myself to the ground with no annual leave no sick leave no holiday pay for the past two years and I’ve worked sometimes 80 hour fortnight’s. Not only that, he woke up for work to support us both he put 200.00 on my bedside table and said start your first day off (after I’m done tidying up kitchen n bedroom n house of course) go and get a massage, get a pedicure whatever I want... look sexy for the dance tomorrow (already got my dress) I’ve lost so much weight I got into my formal dress again lol! He’s such a keeper and I’ve put him through such crap these past three months, I don’t deserve this guy honestly he really is a dream come true. Before he left he said go on her that massage go buy coffee and go meet a friend for shopping whatever I want come back happy and relaxed and without thoughts of work.