Irritating receptionist 😡


I had a drs appointment yesterday, except I actually saw my Dr’s practitioner since he’s on vacation. I hadn’t progressed any since last week so she said to see my dr in a week. I informed her that he had said he is ok with getting things started at 39 weeks if I haven’t gone into labor on my own. Since I’m 39 weeks on Saturday I asked if I should make my appointment for the beginning of the week and she agreed that would be a good idea. So I go to the check out receptionist and she asks when I need to be back, so I tell her as early as I could next week. She looked all irritated and said so on Wednesday? I said well just as soon as I can, so she put her fingers up to her face and asked and when are you due?? I told her and she just stared at her computer looking frustrated that I was asking to come back earlier than a week. I was thinking what the heck?? What if there was a very serious reason to asking to come back on Monday, and what the heck is it to you??!

Maybe it’s the hormones but I was so irritated at her attitude, it’s not her job to determine when a pregnant woman needs her next appointment.

On a lighter note, I’m assuming my dr will just do a sweep on Monday and I hope it will take! I don’t want to actually be induced with pitocin or anything but I’m so anxious and excited to have my baby here!! Ahhhhh!