Trying to convince

Kelsey • Mommy of 4, pregnant with baby number 5!! Supposed to be here March 9th, but I am a C Section so it'll be a week early!! Praying for a BOY💙💙💙

I’ve seen a lot of advice on trying to get pregnant. I’m going to share mine with you lovely ladies!! On August 3rd of last year my husband I wanted to try for our final child. So I downloaded this lovely app, and stopped drinking my lovely wine. Months go by nothing, nothing. Every month I was disappointed. So by mid October I was like f it, I’m deleting this thing. Cause I kept seeing all the other lovely ladies posting positive tests, and I’m here with negative tests. So when I deleted the app, I started drinking my lovely peach wine I was missing. Focusing on my other 3 babies, and just not stressing. If it happens it happens, well I found out 20 days past due for AF to show on December 26!(: yes I had, had wine in that time frame but I didn’t know. But that’s not the point, I strongly believe I got pregnant cause I stopped stressing and I just relaxed. It was so easy it seems like after I bought the wine, and deleted the app. It’s very helpful don’t get me wrong, but I got so depressed seeing all the positive tests after positive tests. Stress and depression is bad for your body, but is worse when trying to conceive or being pregnant. Needless to say drink the wine, and just relax!!! Lol and have a glass for me cause I’m 19+2 weeks((: I hope this helps one of you ladies.