please no judgement.. suboxone and fertility.

ad • 31. Married. 2 step children. :) TTC #1 of my own.

im 29, married to the love of my life going on 5 years. he is 39. he was previously married and has two amazing kids from his past marriage. they are 10 and 13. we are ttc for our first child of our own. After his divorce leading up to meeting me, he got caught up in opioid addiction taking percocet. he is now medically prescribed suboxone from a addiction medical treatment center. which is an opioid blocker and keeps him clean. I've always assumed his sperm count was nothing to worry about because of his 2 proofs. his 2 children. I just thought about his prescription medication and am not finding any defenative answers online. going to ask his dr. at next apt in a few weeks but do any of you have any medical background and have any knowledge on this topic? could his prescription effect his sperm count by any chance?

just curious. and please no judgement. I know people have opinions on this medication if they know what it is. but it has saved my husbands life and he is taking it correctly and as prescribed by his dr. combined with an addiction therapist and he's doing really really well with it.