Okay so bare with me.

I lost my daughter in March 2017 due to misdiagnosis of preeclampsia. So as of today I am 34 weeks pregnant and i go weekly to my obgyn for NST's and ultrasounds because of my previous situation and because I have GD. Everything is going perfect but my last 2-3 appts my BP has been on the borderline at 140/90! I'm getting pretty scared and have some PTSD from before and the closer I'm getting it seems almost like a repeat.

P.s. My cervix is thinning....anyway

My doctor said she will induce me at 39 weeks on May 10th. I cant and will not even attempt to make it that far because of my loss at 39 weeks. So she said yesterday that she will induce me earlier if my BP comes back the same or higher. That reallly made me feel so great. But my thing is that I'm STILL just so anxious and scared and just want a healthy baby girl.

Soooo since my cervix is thinning and my doctor detected that my baby is doing great and considered full term since she's bigger then what she's supposed to be, is there anything I can to to keep thinning my cervix to jumpstart labor?? I tried nipple stimulation but nothing. I have primrose to stick up my vagina as well. Please give your opinions. For my sanity.

Please no bashing.