Please I am so pissed man

Alyssa • Hi my name is Alyssa obviously I am 21 years old I have a 3 year old son and a baby girl that is due April 26 2018. Me and my fiancé are very very excited to add on to our little family!

So I am 37 weeks I came to hospital yesterday at 10pm at 2cm dilated and then at 3 am I was 3 and a half cm dilated and then my 6am I was 4& a half cm dilated and then at 10 am I stopped dilating! So they sent me home! Then at I came back today at 8 pm and I was still 4 and a half but when she checked me she took my mucus plug out with her and now they are telling me that i either need to walk for 4-6 hours in the hospital or go home and take benydral to sleep and get rest! Mind you this is my second baby and with my son who was my first I only had a 5 hour delivery! Please mamas on here comment to me what you think I should do 😩😔