Implantation, im just a litle curious

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My period was due on the 15th just a few minutes ago i went potty and wiped ans had some pink creamy looking discharge. So I put a liner on just in case it could be AF. But I'm also wondering, my friend said she experienced IB. And that hers was a pink discharge look. I'm not assuming this is IB in Any way, but I am kinda curious since I'm one of those women who every cycle look for it. I guess I'm just a little obsessive. But before AF starts I've never had any of discharge creamy looking stuff. Its always just flat reddish blood on toilet paper. So this is completely new. Past 2 weeks I've had super sensitive boobs and nipples. Last week I was cramping on and off a little for three days. All this week I've been wet with some lotiony creamy CM. I'm not gonna stress it. But I am wondering if anyone has expirenced a pink creamy looking discharge before.