Anyone else have a multicultural family?

I'm about as Caucasian as they come but my hubby is first generation Chinese. (His parents immigrated 30+ years ago). 
My in-laws are offended and upset that we've decided not to give our baby a Chinese name. I figured since his last name will be Chinese, why do we need another one?
Plus, I don't speak Chinese at all so the name would have absolutely NO meaning to me. We told them they could pick a Chinese name to call him as a nickname, it just won't be on the birth certificate but they seem unhappy with that. My hubby has an American first name and a Chinese middle and last name. He speaks enough Chinese to get by but doesn't know any names either.
We love the name we've chosen and don't plan on changing it. We're not being unreasonable, right? 
Anyone else having some cultural issues?