I left my abusive husband while 8 weeks pregnant.


I made this post on Facebook today.

here's the picture from the post

my phone is weird and puts my pics in my camera roll out of order so I couldn't find the original on my phone but it's there somewhere🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyways, I'm the same girl whose husband did the whole Instagram "I want you 😍😍😍" shenaigan on this other girls insta and I made a post here about it but deleted the post soon after.

I think I might have made one more post negative about him as well but deleted it.

these are the things he would say if I asked for a divorce.

except it would be all day long and constant calls all day long and late into the night and even when I asked him to leave me alone he wouldn't.

so he's blocked on everything 🤷🏻‍♀️ phone social media everything.

I'm done with being abused. It's over.

and I didn't mention the pregnancy in my post because I'm not planning on announcing to people outside my family until after my first ultrasound.