Baby making choking sounds..UPDATE

Maria • I`m happily married, & I am a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy & with my new little girl. My life is now complete 💚💜

My daughter just turned 5 month old today and recently I’ve noticed that she has been doing this choking/coughing sounds. It started yesterday since it’s midnight here already..and she ended up throwing up a little, and ever since that happened she has been choking/coughing or it seemed like she is choking. When she starts choking/coughing..she turns red and she has trouble breathing until I hold her straight and start patting her back until she can calm down and starts breathing normal. I’m going to call her pediatrician later on today. She only does the choking noises/coughing when she has been laying flat on her back for a while and I go to pick her up that when the all thing starts. Like right now I have her on her swing and she is not choking/coughing. I was just wondering if any of you ladies had your little ones go through is and what did you do to stop it. Thank you in advance

Thank you ladies for your advice..I ended up taking her to see her pediatrician and she had a virus that is going away & she is teething & she is also getting sick..but other than that she is a healthy 5 month old baby and we found out that my chubby girl weighs 18lb 😊