Help! So Frustrated (Long Story Ahead) I Type Super Crazy Sorry In Advance


Hey Mommas, I Know This Sounds Extremely Ridiculous And Hate I Have To Do This But I’m Asking For Some Assistance! I’d Like To Get In Contact With My Little One’s Donor The Only Resource I Have On Him Is A Instagram.

Here’s A Little Background Story

I’m 19, He’s 23, We Dated For Approx. 2 Months, Conceived On The First Time.

I Found Out I Was 5 Weeks Pregnant In December ‘17 I Told My Childs Father The Very Same Night, He Denied The Pregnancy. It Took Awhile For Him To Realize I Really May Be Pregnant Because He Never Believed It In The First Place, He Automatically Wanted To Get An Abortion. I Was Always Hesitant About The Idea But At The Time I Didn’t Want To Disappoint Him Etc Etc.. So I Schedule The Appointment. I Dragged The Appointment Out Further And Further Because I Really Didn’t Wanna Do It. So At 10 Weeks Pregnant I Told Him I Decided To Keep My Baby. He Blocked Me, And Changed His #. I Was Heartbroken, Not Only For My Babies Sake But For Me. What Made Everything Harder Is We Worked Together 4 Days Out Of The Work Week, ( No Longer Work There!) It Was Extremely Hard. Our Entire Warehouse Begin To Find Out, It Was Just A Chaotic Mess, Alot Of He Say She Say Which Made My Situation Worse. I Just Wanted To Talk To Him. Still To This Day 04/05/18 I Haven’t Spoken To Him, He Acts Like I Don’t Exist Like I Have A Freaking Belly, He Still Won’t Talk. I Believe He Simply Believes It Isn’t His. He Talks To Female Coworkers In Front Of Me And Everything, It Hurt Like Hell In The Beginning But Now I’ve Gained Some Acceptance To The Situation. Now Here I Am 21 Weeks Pregnant, I Think I Should Try Again, The Only Thing That Correlates To Him Is Instagram, Well All I Can See Atleast. I’m Stuck Between A Rock In A Hard Place, I’d Do It From My Instagram Page But I Don’t Want To Get Blocked And Lose All Insight Of This “Man”. Any Comments, Suggestions Mamas?

Trying Not To Stress It Extremely, But I Get Worried As I Get Further Along. Due August ‘18