Please discuss... Fact only.

So for 6 years me and my boyfriend have been using no contraception and I've never fell pregnant. We were naive and we thought it was one of us who couldn't have children. Anyway, I fell pregnant on April 1st 2015 & had an abortion a few weeks later. It wasn't the right time to have a child and I've been through so much stress (I don't need to explain my life...) but using contraception has been least of my priorities (silly I know). But now I haven't had my period and am a week late. My boyfriend has asked if I would have another abortion but I said to him I don't think it would be safe as it's so close after the previous one. He said he has researched and it's completely safe etc... Please can someone give me facts and perhaps websites on the affects of having more than one abortion. I am 20 years old, going into my third year of university completing my degree, I have a job and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years.