This TTC thingy

I am getting really frustrated with ttc. The feeling during the tww and then af shows up. its really really upsetting. i write encouraging messages for other ttc mamas but it seems i can't take my own advice to be strong.... been on this journey since i miscarried twice in a row in April and May of 2016. Doc says everything's ok but i dont know what's causing the delay. i got bouts of jealousy when first when my sister in law and then my sister announced they had babies on the way. My sis in law is having her 2nd baby on the way. her 1st in 2017 and the second this june. My sister got pregnant immediately she got married last july and had her baby last week. i am happy for them but i am jealous they get to be moms and i get to pee on a stick every month first with opks then counting down the tww and peeing on a hcg test. its really daunting and tiring. im tired of getting asked when are you planning on starting a family? This baby making thingy isn't child's play lol.or getting asked why its taking so long to get pregnant. Like if i knew i wouldn't rectify the issue. I'm just tired. Now everyone is telling me they had dreams about me having twins. Maybe they're almost here? i dont know. Im just tired of the whole ttc thing. This is just a rant. I had to let it all out there. sorry for the very long post!