Dear E

Damn, I don’t know why I didn’t push you out of my life earlier. You were a bitch to me months before I slowly let myself drift away from you. Anytime I did anything that may not have even effected you, you demanded an explanation from me. When I wouldn’t give you an explanation, you would get mad. You were pissed at ME when your crush told me he liked me. I don’t understand you. You got mad at me for things I couldn’t control. You practically bullied me. Everything we did was always your choice. You talked to my at the time boyfriend more than I did. It felt like you were trying to take him away from me, even though you practically loved one of our other friends. You were toxic and it took me too long to realize. You fucked me up, E. Even almost a year later, i still think about this. I get that we have mutual friends, and I would never be cruel enough to take any of our friends away from you. I know you did this to other people too, and if you keep acting like this then you’re just going to push everyone away, I’m sorry to break it to you. Goodbye E.

Love, H