Brown discharge at 6 weeks

Jen 💜

So I’m trying to not worry too much so I need some opinions. So I believe I’m 6 weeks pregnant and last week me and my husband had sex. The next day I had some light cramping and then started with very light brown discharge. It continued for about 2-3 days. Mostly when I wiped but did have some discharge on my panty liner. On the last day when I wiped I seemed to have a very dark brown almost black, very small blood clot. It was about the size of 1/2 of a pea. After that I had no more brown discharge. Never had any blood. For the past two days I’ve had normal discharge and no cramping. I called my doctor and was told not to worry unless I see bright red blood. She said if could of been left over blood from implantation or trauma from sex. I have my appointment on Thursday so I’m trying not to worry but could it had been a miscarriage if it stopped and now is back to normal? I really need to stop looking at google!!!