I need some advice!

Kali • 🌵 | 23 | Dog Trainer Apprentice 📚 | 11.12.18 🐻

So I am 20 years old, and 9 weeks pregnant. I have told most of my family about the baby however, There are 2 people I haven’t told about me being pregnant and I don’t know how to tell them. It’s my older siblings; one of them already said if I’m pregnant before I’m 30 he will kill me and my fiancé, and the other sibling is really religious and already doesn’t necessarily approve of my fiancé and I living together because we aren’t married. So I am terrified of how they will react and I don’t know how to tell them. One of them lives out of town (the really religious one) and the other never actually makes concrete plans with me so I never see either of them.

I just want them to be happy for us but I don’t want to start any drama between my family members. I could just really use some advice.