I suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency that causes seasonal depression and I live somewhere where it is not sunny at all so it's not like I can go outside for my dose of sun light but for years now I've been told that going on the sunbed will help and it really does. I usually get on the sunbed through the darkest, dullest months and it does make me feel more alive, more awake, happier and just all round better for it. However, I've recently become pregnant and have some thoughts that this cant be healthy. I've done my research online and even at the local library and have been informed that the sunbed wont do anything to my unborn baby. There is not evidence to support the idea that my child get damaged in any way shape or form. The only danger is that my skin becomes easier to damage, I.e., sun burns etc. I only ever use the sunbed to help my seasonal depression and I do not over use it by any means. As a professional, would you say it seems ok to continue my usage of the sunbed as long as I continue to not over use it but only use it to improve my mental state during this snow storm and rain storm period we've been suffering through? I do have another doctors appointment in 3 weeks and will also ask there. Just would like to ask here too.