So.. First time having angry sex.

Well my SO last night said he was going out to a game (which started at 7 and ended at 10) and said his phone will die. Which then he didn't end up coming home until 4am. So I've been in a pretty upset/angry mood today. (But he still will always find a way to make me smile) so I thought maybe (for a first time) I told him that he better be ready for some angry sex tonight. And OMG! it didn't just bring us so much closer physically, but emotionally too. He won't stop telling me how much he loves me and how much he's so happy with me and etc...  I don't know how to explain it.. But I just feel so happy right now :) ( can't tell him that yet, he can wait til tomorrow lol ) . Has anyone else had this?! How did you feel after if you did?