My bestfriend just got kicked out!!!


So, my bestfriend had been going through a lot a shit with her bd, he cut off her phone a couple weeks ago and threw her tv and radios in the garbage.,he told her in writing on the walls that he don't want her and she has to get out, he packed up all her things and pretty much, just been waiting for her to get her things together and leave ..

Fast forward...tonight he starts an argument about a picture of her talking to a guy on the block his mother sent him. Now his mother didn't know the reason for the conversation but she wanted to start trouble,.as usual.

He goes home and starts going off about her talking to dudes and she didn't answer her mother's phone when he called. Her response was "you cut off my cellphone, why must you call on anyone else's phone to keep track of me, why should I answer?" He dragged her, kicking and screaming, threw her out and locked the door. All she wants is her babies and I told her he can't do that and she's gonna call the cops and sit outside in the rain and wait.

He's a controlling, manipulating bastard.. I just watched her go through so much abuse with him, I'm just praying that she takes her babies and leave and never look back.