2WW makes me crazy

I just had my 4th Embryo transfer Thursday. After two miscarriages and a failed fet, I somehow found it in me to be super positive before this 4th transfer. I've done so much to try to be healthier for this pregnancy than the others. I was doing great and then the day after the transfer my DD and I were arguing and stressing out. We know it's bc of all the stress <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> and 6 years of infertility causes us, but it still makes me feel like we are messing with our chance of things working this time. I've read so many articles that say stress will not impact whether you become pregnant from <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> or not, but somehow it's just not reassuring enough. I want this to work so bad, I can't even imagine it not. I'm looking up when I can take a hpt and obsessing over every feeling... I wish I could sleep through the next week and wake up Friday morning for my beta and if I'm pregnant go back to sleep until I get that strong healthy heartbeat. I'm trying to stay positive and distract myself, I went for a massage and pedicure the day after transfer and have been going for relaxing walks and doing <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> and fertility meditations. I'm pretty much doing EVERYTHING I can to ensure this will work and logically I know I've done my part, but I have such a hard time coping with not being able to control this more that I really need some support. Any kind words, success stories, good advice, or just positive thoughts and prayers may really help me get through the next week. Thanks :-)