Baby daddy drama


Not sure where this should be posted but i just needed to vent. I dont need negatives comments or people saying i want them to feel sorry for me. I had my son nine months ago went through the whole pregnancy alone cuz the ex cheated and got the new child knocked up. I was fine doing and paying for everything myself by myself. But i had to have a serious come to Jesus meeting with myself to establish paternity he was denying he was the father and that i cheated and should get an abortion. I regret from day one doing this had i known what an narcissistic sociopath he was going to be. My son is ebf the courts demanded my son be placed on supplements and wanted to immediately start state standard visitation. I begged for supervised visitation for the abuse i went through and because i didnt report it it never happened but since i insisted on supervised i had to pay for it. Now my ex is threatening to take my son because i had a nervous breakdown from the abuse and went nuts. But it's been two years and am sober and off medications. He had me so many it was ridiculous and now ever time i turn around he's screaming i have rights or am taking him from u. Mind u he kicked me out three weeks before my due date. And now i was informed my son won't be at his brothers graduation and i wont have him for his first birthday. Like seriously let me live my life in peace please.