New to this group but have?

Hey y'all I'm knew to this cite a little back ground info I'm married to a wonderful man he is 23 and I am 22 we have been TTC for 5 months a good friend of mine referred me to this app because my last one was full of negative and rude people. I went to the ER today because I had an extremely bad headache and backache they ran a few test on me and one of them was a pregnancy test I'm only 7 days past ovulation they just did a urine sample I do believe they said they where going to take blood work to see if my liver was okay because I also fainted and threw up EVERYWHERE. And they took a urine sample to see if I had a UTI and or if I was pregnant. Anyways back to my question I know its super early to tell if I'm preggers or not but the doc said it was negative.. Anyways does that mean I'm out this month? Or can I still test in a couple of days and it still could come back positive?