Is this making me sick?

Theresa • Met my husband through World of Warcraft. Now 6 years later we are married (10/17/14).
The last two days I have had severe muscle pain in my upper arm, my upper legs are also sore and weak, my back is horrible, and my stomach hates everything I put in it.  It all comes out one way or another.  I am weak, tired, just want to sleep.  No bleeding yet, no real cramps unless I eat.  My appointment is tomorrow at 3.  My temp read 99.5.  I am just concerned that since it has been over 2 weeks since my first visit to the ER is my body making me sick?  I don't want a 3rd ER visit because I feel they won't help me and tell me to see my dr tomorrow.  But I truly feel bad and off.  Is this normal?