Finally happening


I did the midwives brew yesterday and nothing but poops but didn’t put quite the dose it recommended of CO. Today (38w6d) I drank 2 tablespoons CO and chased it with coke at 2:00pm. Contractions started at 8:36pm. I labored at home until 11:30pm. Oh my goodness at the back labor due to a posterior baby. Got to the hospital about 1am. Was a 4 and 100%. Btw I was already a 3 and 75. So maybe that’s why I progressed and it worked. FINALLY got epidural at 3:30am and was 6cm. It is 4:30 and 45 minutes ago I was a 7 and water broke.

I’m so scared! But here I lay still in disbelief that he’s actually coming. Wow.