I have very religious parents, they have taken my having miscarriages (4 late 1st trimester losses) as a spiritual issue and they go from pastor to pastor seeking 'answers'. I have warned them to stop and especially not attempt to drag me into it. Sometime last week I got a call from a pastor through my father's line. I politely told him off, he turned aggressive and said they already told him I won't listen, that no doctor can solve my problem, it's an evil attack bla bla, I kept telling him thank you but I am not interested. Exasperated, I hung up. Fast forward to last night I was told the prophet threatened that I will come back to beg at his feet that I won't give birth until I beg at his feet. I am so pissed! I just want to wipe the smug arrogance with which he said that off his face! Can you imagine that? They use such threats to keep their members coming, I rather die than go beg him. Beg him for what? Who the hell does he think he is? I get angry Everytime I think of it.