Urgent advice!!!!!


Ok so I need urgent advice on what to do... Im 16 years old... I started to talk to this guy in September of 2017, I fell really hard for him. We started to date in October and things were going well but then he dumped me because he had lot of family stuff going on and he didn’t want to hurt... Well he got with another girl 2 weeks after he broke up with me. He came crawling back to me and I said let’s see where it goes this time, he met my mom and he came to visit me at work almost everyday, it was going really good this time and then 2 weeks go by and he abruptly texts me saying that he wants to break up.. I went through a lot for my mom to like him because she already thought he was playing me. I love him so so much but I knew I had to let him go. He dates three other girls after we break up.

So towards end of December he texts me saying he really misses me and he wants me back and he won’t mess up with this time.. I don’t believe him and say I’ll sit down and hear him apologize. I go to his house for dinner and meet his family. We talked it out and then decided to be friends.. Well we ended up making out and dating again. Stupid mistake on my part because two days after I’m at his house he has another girl at his house and she’s sending me pictures of them making out and she starts to call me horrible names.. Well at that point I’m done with him.. Fast toward to March! He texts me and says he misses me and the biggest mistake was letting me go cuz the last girl he was dating cheated on him on Valentine’s Day and I was the most loyal girl he’s dated. So I need advice on what to do, I love him lot but he’s hurt me so many times and I can’t get him out of my head. I want to be with him so bad even tho he’s hurt me. So what should I do go back to him or try to move on(which is really hard cuz all I think about is him)?????