Am I just being dramatic?

Friday through Today I’ve been leaking fluid little bits at a time, it’s clear and just kind of gushes out, will run down my leg. I usually have to change my bottoms and then go about my day, every 6/7 hours give and take a little. Baby boy has been less active, significantly less active than usual for him. I started having some vaginal pain last night but that’s gone away for now. I don’t know if I should go to the doctor or if I’m just being a worry wart.

Prior to pregnancy I NEVER went to the doctor or took medicine unless I was actually 200% sick and dying I just took care of myself the few times a year something happened but being pregnant obviously my choices have a greater affect. Just looking for some insight on what to do.

UPDATE: baby is perfect 💖 my doctor made room for me on her schedule and everything is fine it’s just bladder spasms from baby’s position. I’m still only in my second trimester so she said decreased movement isn’t anything to worry about until 28 weeks and I should only be concerned right now if baby doesn’t kick me at all. She never informed to worry about fluids or baby movements but I just felt concerned anyways. Some of you were extremely hateful when I just wanted insight on what is normal and not since this is my first pregnancy and to me none of this is normal. I appreciate all of the answers though 💙

P.S I had already called my doctor but since this happened over the weekend I wasn’t able to get into contact with her. I’ll trust my doctor over google or any <a href="">pregnancy app</a>