Hey ladies!

I posted Saturday saying how my ex husband-turned-boyfriend was upset because an old friend messaged me asking me if my number was changed.

I completely ignored it after opening the message but my boyfriend hasn’t spoken to me since because he believes I’ve been cheating this whole time. (We decided to try and work our relationship out under one condition, I was granted my divorce before hand) I don’t know why I tried again after all the verbal abuse and manipulation I went through:

(In this screenshot he is referring to our miscarriage)

BUT IM FEELING GREAT THIS MORNING!! After he went to work (he is a roofer) I decided to pack all his shit up and wash my hands of this scumbag for good. I even called my leasing office to deactivate his entry access key since I am the only one on the lease.

I have my girlfriends coming over later to help me if he doesn’t leave in peace but I’m onto bigger and better things ladies ❤️