Let my sister & niece move in

I think i made a mistake. My husband and i let my younger sister move in to our home so that i can watch my niece and she can find a job.

Its reaaaaaally bugging me that she has a totally different way of parenting. She just sits on her phone while my niece runs around harassing my cat. At first my cat was taking it but she’s recently started fighting back & my sister almost hit my cat when its her daughter going after the cat.

Also, i am against spanking cus i grew up getting beat up by my mother. When my niece does something wrong, she turns to her and says “ima fuck you up.” But she lets my niece touch EVERYTHINGGGGG. Including my makeup and i’ve had to throw out a couple of lipsticks.

Its even begun to bother my husband & i just feel like im in the middle.

Ok rant done 😞