Apparently I'm crazy for mourning

Two weeks ago I had a miscarriage. That week I was a mess and the next I was ok. My fertile week just ended and I've been needing sex bad but also I knew I would be ovulating so that's the added bonus. I have wanted sex every day but my husband is always tired or said we would have sex but he watched tv so long after work he preferred to sleep. Sometimes I'd try to wake him up and he would get mad at me. 
Today was the last day of being fertile according to my calculator. So it was especially important that we have sex because I wanted it and because I want to get pregnant. I know we should wait. Anyway he watched a movie and went to bed told me I was being "extreme" with the sex thing. I started crying because I want a baby and told him that plus it's hard for me to see pregnant women. I've been getting maternity clothes in the mail that I ordered as soon as I found out. But I've held it together. 
He told me "you need to get help you're so extreme you gotta let it go. we aren't even supposed to be trying, the doctor said 6 weeks" I think it's insensitive of him to tell me to let it go and it's not even been a month. Not to mention, those times we did have sex we didn't use protection. He went on to tell me that I was acting crazy and he was going to bed. When it happened he was sympatetic at first but I could tell it always bothered him when I'd get upset. It hurts my feelings that I need to get over losing the child I've been dreaming of for so long. He even shared the news on facebook and I told him I wanted to wait until the 2nd trimester he didn't listen. A week after he shared th news I lost the baby. I really want to punch him.