Different Mindset

Yesterday I was at brunch with my SO and my in-laws. As we're all tossing back mimosas and enjoying Father's Day, I look over and I see a girl texting my SO wishing him a great day. Long story short, this girl has been a problem in our relationship before. I felt as if it was disrespectful for her to have any contact with him knowing that she has been a problem. I politely got up from the table and walked away to calm down because I was two seconds away from cracking my SO over the head with the champagne bottle. As we're getting ready to leave, all of the girls go to the bathroom and I was talking to his stepbrother's girlfriend. She told me as a Dominican man, that is what he is going to do and that's just life. Now, me being me, I gave her a "Did you just say that?" kind of look. To get to the point, I don't feel as if his ethnicity has anything to do with whether or not he respects or disrespects me. She basically told me to deal with it because there will always be another girl. Now, I don't know what rock she crawled out from under, but disrespect in my book is a no go. I just had to vent because I felt as if some women these days just sit there and take the abuse, the cheating, the lying, etc.. On a certain level, I deal with it too, but I also don't just sit there and be quiet. Never have, never will. I am not one of those girls that will ask "How high?" if asked to jump by my SO. I am very opinionated and blunt. My mouth will be heard.