“Lump” postpartum? (Diagram, not a photo)


(Please excuse my crude diagram 😂 I figured it was preferable over an actual photo)

I had a second degree tear when I had my son and had to get stitches. It’s a month later and I finally mustered up the courage to look down there and I noticed a bump right in the opening of my vagina, right where the top of the tear would have been. It doesn’t hurt or itch, and doesn’t look like a sore or wart or anything, it “matches” the color of the rest of my vagina, but it definitely was NOT there before I had my son. My assumption is that it’s associated with the way she stitched me up.

Has anyone had anything similar? Did it go away? Is it something I should ask my doctor about at my 6 week checkup? Does anyone have a better idea of what it might be?

It’s right where the blue dot is, but it’s the same color as the rest of the area.