Could someone help me out?

Charlie • Army wife, mother of 3 (2 👧🏻 & 1 👦🏻)

So I have been temping (as soon as I wake) and taking opks. I am on CD21 and have not gotten even close to a positive opk, but temps have me wondering if I have ovulated already. Although, someone told me yesterday that temps dont show ovulation? Here is my chart.

So if I did ovulate when I think my temps show it, I would be around 9dpo today. I took a test out of curiosity. Im still taking opks until I either get a positive or start my period. I have recently started dieting and working out and not sure if those could effect my opks when my body isn't used to it. But does anyone see anything? I don't, but I also dont have to best of eyes when it comes to my own test.