Have you ever cried after sex?

Annaleise • Just a girl, finding her way in the world

Oh my goodness.... My boyfriend and I just had the best sex ever. It was mind blowing. I hope everyone has a chance to have that level of pleasure, maybe on a regular basis (just because we usually don’t have that good of sex every time we do it).

It was so good that I was grabbing onto anything and everything. I have this little box in the back of my car that holds different screws and shit because my dad left it in there and I was fucking flipping it over and trying to pull the lid off and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were nail marks in the back from me digging my nails into the seat.

After we finished, I literally bursted into tears. Like it was embarrassing because I made this little squeal like I was hurt and he was like “What’s wrong?” “Talk to me” “Let me know”

And I was just so overwhelmed with emotions of love and lust and pleasure that I just cried and then in those moments, even thinking about it made me want to cry more.

I was just so happy you know? 😁

Have you guys had similar experiences?

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