Sex with an ex


So today my ex wanted to see me, well i haven’t seen him since we broke up in october of 2016 well i gave in and went and saw him. we started out watching a movie and talking, then i ran outside to grab some shorts. well after i came back inside he wanted to cuddle and make me feel like his girl again. then out of nowhere he’s rubbing on me and asked if i wanted to have sex and if i had condoms. well i said to both of the questions “yes i do” and honestly it wasn’t as great as i remembered but that’s besides the point. after we had sex he goes “let me shower really quick” so as he’s showering i’m doing dishes. When he comes out of the bathroom he said “Quit acting like you’re my girlfriend, you’re not and you’re not my mom so quit cleaning” and the only thing going on in my mind was “i’m bored, he won’t mind if i clean the dishes” well apparently he did and then he expected me to drive him to work. didn’t even ask just got in my car. so should i just cut the friendship out and block his number or should i just keep being friends with him?