Pregnancy hair - help!!


Okay, so I take it we’ve all heard about pregnancy hair; longer, stronger and all together better.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but recently I’ve been having a problem. My hair might grow faster now, yes. But OHMYGAWD. It’s. SO. Oily.

The hair on the top of my head literally feels like sticky hay?? I’ll shower, and even when it’s all wet and I’ve shampooed it and rinsed WELL, it’s feels almost hard in the shower, and when it dries it turns sticky and hay-like, as if I got shampoo residue left in it, but I’ve made sure to rinse it all out, it’s never been scrubbed harder than nowadays.

I just feel so nasty. It looks so greasy and feels so dry, I’ve cried multiple times because of it because it’s just fucking me up a bit. I know it’s just hair, but jeeze.. and this is coming from someone who shaved all their hair off a few years ago lol

Do anyone else suffer from this? And better yet, is there any survivors out there who got any idea what to do?

I’ve changed my shampoo twice already (and I ain’t got the economy to be this throughout with my hair tbh), just got another new one - the Aussie miracle moist, with conditioner and hair treatment, so I can’t wait to try that, although I have a feeling it won’t work and I’m stuck like this😭