Looking for some advice😕 Had anyone used BC or anything to switch up their cycles? Long read sorry in advance

We are about a year ttc. In November we had an ectopic at 8 weeks. Had to wait three cycles before we can try again.

My cycles are pretty regular 28-29 days and ovulation CD13-14 (confirmed by temp n opks) but They have just changed start times since my miscarriage.

The problem is my boyfriend works in the Arctic out of town 2 weeks out 2 weeks home and for he past two cycles I ovulate 4 days before he comes home and we miss it. I started to try to do things to make my period later so I ovulate when he’s home and still today AF decided to show up and I’ve just been a mess .

He has holidays in July and I will ovulate once when he is home. Then back to him missing my ovulation ( I know cycles can change but that’s just going based off the past three months)

I’m just a disaster today I feel like we’ve just been constantly waiting and waiting and We just want a baby so badly. I read a lot on here and I feel so grateful that I do ovulate and have regular cycles but I’m just so upset we’re missing out cause he’s gone.

I made a doctors appointment to see if there something I can do or I am maybe thinking of going on birth control to switch my cycle up a bit but I’m just a little skeptical because I don’t want it to mess with anything but just willing to try anything at this point.

I really don’t mean to complain I know there’s a lot of women in my shoes if not worse with their S/o out of town weeks or months on end but I guess I just really needed to vent . I’m also wondering if anyone ever used BC to switch up their cycles or anything else and it ended up being fine and working?

I don’t know if I should just wait it out till our one chance at the end of July ( I Can’t even think about waiting that much longer) ahh..any advice? Thanks so much 💕