Why is my cat eating my kittens pee


Okay so we all know that dogs and cats lick their babies butts to encourage them to poop and pee

My cat, a year old male is licking my kittens butt like that. And my kitten is peeing in his mouth.

...I’ve never had cats before and I think this shit is so weird. My kitten is old enough to use the litter box and eat hard food. He doesn’t need to be licked to go.

My male cat is “mothering” the kitten. My kitten will even try to nurse my cat. At least that’s what it looks like he’s doing, he kneads his belly.

Idk if it’s because he learned all of his behavior from his mom or if this is what cats do ⁉️

I guess I just got a baby for my cat. He is his mother now.