32, 4 months of trying.. freaking out.


Please let me start by saying I am only 1 of 2 kids and the other is a 30 yr old sister with pcos.... We have been together for 8 yrs and he had major trust issues since his 2 divorces. I feel like we may have missed our shot since we waited so long... He is 35 I am 32 and I am already tirex. Seeing on a stick, tracking my cycle , losing weight to be in a good bmi, changed my diet.... use pre seed but found out I was using it wrong... I am so tired! Does anyone have any pointers, tips or just some motivation to swing my way...? I get tested may 2 for fertility ...get my amh, and hsg... also i donated my eggs at 22 and now i feel like i gave all the good ones away :(